50 Cent is ensuring Christmas isn't ruined by a lethargic Santa Clause. In a new promo video for his Street King energy drink, Fif takes on an animated form and gives the bearded gift giver a boost.

In the 30-second clip, Santa walks down a snow-covered street, dragging his bag of toys and looking less than jovial with the job of handing them out to good girls and boys. He rests on a nearby bench, but the G-Unit head honcho walks right up to him to remind him of the duty he needs to fulfill.

"Don't be thinkin' you be takin' a break tonight," the rap star tells Santa, reprimanding him for his slow and not-so-steady ways.

Fif then offers him a bottle of Street King, which he graciously accepts. After he swallows the contents of the bottle, Santa's eyes open wide, he jumps around and takes a seat in his sleigh with a new burst of energy. Looks like Christmas will still come as planned thanks to 50 Cent.