We all know that 50 Cent is cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, but he amazingly kept his cool as fans got aggressively rowdy at his New York club gig on Saturday (April 2).

According to TMZ, Fif was performing at his Effen Vodka event at Stage 48 in New York when several fights broke out during his performance.

In one video, 50 Cent is rapping “Window Shopper” when a man jumps up and tries to stand next to him onstage. The rapper’s bodyguard quickly pulls him down while 50 stands his ground. Suddenly, another person starts yanking on his white T-shirt and he quickly swats him away like a gnat.

In another clip, there appears to be another brawl happening behind 50 as someone starts yanking his shirt. That’s when 50 Cent yells, “Hold on, hold on,” as he can see that things are clearly getting out of hand.

Props to 50 though for staying calm and not engaging in fisticuffs with the crowd.

As we have previously warned many times before, it's not wise for fans to interrupt a rapper’s performance when they are onstage. Just asked the unlucky concertgoers who jumped onstage when Action Bronson, RiFF RAFF and Killer Mike were performing. It didn't turned out so well.

Check out the unruly behavior at 50 Cent's gig below.

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