50 centWhen you're one of the richest rappers and live by the motto "Fear Nothing," you're still going to need protection. 50 Cent, whose new record 'Before I Self Destruct' is available digitally today, recently revealed how he is able to always "Fear Nothing." His strategy: throw $1.6 million at the situation.

"My home is surrounded by cameras," 50 said in an interview with WENN. "I need surveillance not only to look out for me, but also to protect me."

After overcoming a mythic violent history, including being shot nine times and drug dealing at the age of twelve, Fiddy must know the true meaning of sleeping with one eye open. The rapper now allocates $20,000 a week, a $1.6 million annual budget, for personal security and sees the expense as a necessary investment to protect his livelihood. "You get all these crazy lawsuits, and I need cameras to check on things," he reasoned.
Notably, 50's security price tag is actually pretty low for a major celebrity. According to Aaron Cohen, a security expert interviewed by CNN, personal security remains one of the highest expenses for our most visible members of society. He warns against potential danger from paparazzi and possible stalkers.

"It is at least a $20,000 retainer in order to boost security and add a proactive investigation to stop a stalker," Cohen told CNN. "You will also spend that if you are the kind of celebrity that is constantly dogged by paparazzi."