When 50 Cent talks, people listen. During a recent interview with DJ Enuff, the hip-hop toughie threw some shade at Diddy and offered his thoughts on Donald Trump.

On DJ Enuff's The Heavy Hitters Shade 45 radio show, Fif scoffed at the notion that he and Diddy are on the same level in terms of rapping. The G-Unit leader thinks the Diddster uses his Bad Boy roster to elevate his brand as a rapper.

"He's a guy who stands next to the guy. He's not the guy. I am the guy," he says. "He's next to Biggie. He's next to Craig Mack. He's next to Ma$e. He's next to The LOX. He's next to [Lil'] Kim."

"When have you seen him by himself and was excited? Even when it's like tribute music, there'll be three, four other people there 'cause you know he's not an artist," he added. "He's a party promoter, a businessperson, a producer, a lot of other things, but not an artist."

Later, the discussion turned to politics and this year's presidential race. DJ Enuff asked 50 Cent his thoughts on the candidates. The "I'm the Man" rapper praised Donald Trump for running a good campaign but added that he would be a horrible president.

"I think he already won, not he hasn't won the presidency, but he's won because I didn't think he could ever be the president. Then it gets scary," he said.

"I gotta vote before this s--- goes wrong," he continued. "This s--- could go the wrong way."

50 Cent had a lot to say in his 30-minute long interview. Watch it above.

What do you think? Do you agree with 50 Cent's assessment as a rap artist? Tell us in the comments below.

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