50 Cent has been notably active on Twitter lately, criticizing rappers and various public figures and generally being entertaining, but he recently turned the focus on himself, saying "I'm really losing my mind." "I just saw that picture of my son and now I'm crying for no reason I think I'm really losing my mind." 50 tweeted. "I don't think people understand me.I work so hard to get were I'm at. Thats why I get so mad when people are up set with my success." Must be tough. [50Cent]

Actor/rocker Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars has a new live film coming out, and a "very, very, very, very sexual" video for their song 'Hurricane.' "The next thing you will see is the completion of [the live film] 'This Is War' finally," Leto said. "And a new video for a song - this is a scoop - for a song called 'Hurricane.' [The video] is very, very, very, very sexual." Scoop! Can't wait for that one. [MTV]