Kanye West has done a lot of apologizing in the wake of "Taylorgate," but his critics continue to voice their opinions. From Kelly Clarkson to Katie Perry, the music community has almpst universally condemned the rapper/producer for his blunder at MTV's Video Music Awards, and now even rapper 50 Cent, who himself pulled a similar stunt at the 2004 Grammy Awards has jumped on board.

In an interview with Canadian music network MuchMusic, 50 addressed Kanye's incident, saying "We know Beyonce is great. You know that, like, there's nobody confused in that actual area. But Taylor Swift is great, and is new at that point. And you can't replace it and an apology can't replace what it feels like for the very first time, receiving that award. Now, in her head, 'My first award was Kanye West'. It's damaging, but, I wish he would come and take one of my awards, so I could black his eye! In front of everybody."

50 infamously took to the stage when he lost the Best New Artist Grammy Award to rock band Evanescance in 2004. Of course, 50 was a lot more diplomatic in his show of disappointment; he merely walked across the stage and smiled for the camera.

Would Kanye have cut in and snatched the mic, had the winner been a different artist? "You pick and choose who you feel safe doing that with," 50 argued, then demured. "He shouldn't worry about me, Pink was gonna get to him."