It's becoming clear that 50 Cent has no plans of squashing his beef Rick Ross. The G-Unit boss took to Miami airwaves to continue his daily campaign against Ross. "I have artists that have more money than Rick Ross...I don't actually feel like there's something wrong with him deciding to be a police officer," he said during the interview with the station.

"I feel like there's something wrong from a hip-hop perspective for you to be a part of law enforcement and totally write your career that you're the biggest drug dealer in Miami." In true 50 fashion the rapper didn't stop there. He went on to warn Ross, who is vocal about how rich he is, that the truth about how much he's worth will be revealed via his tax returns. "That's the biggest embarrassment because you act like you got a billion dollars. He burned a lot of bridges with people that worked hard for him," he said. 50 also noted that there is no comparison between his and Ross' success stating that is fan base is "worldwide."

Ross has been seemingly unmoved by 50's comments. When a video of his ex-girlfriend taking shots at him with 50 in the driver's seat hit the 'net, Ross seemed to have no problem with it. He even went on to say that his ex, Tia Kemp, needed to make money and since 50 was paying her he wouldn't stand in the way of their business.

Then there are Ross' own viral videos against 50. He recently released 'Gang Related' in which he is seen pouring out 50's brand of Vitamin Water while rapping. Yet with all this back and forth some in the hip-hop community are also weighing in. The Game, who was once a member of G-Unit and publicly feuded with 50, calls his rival the winner of this battle. "For the first time in four years I'm kind of like low key riding with 50 on this one," he said in an interview with a Seattle radio station. "It's just ridiculous. He's taking your baby mama shopping. She's trying on fur coats with the Stevie Wonder jam...50 eating you boy." The West Coast rapper also told Ross to call him so that he can help him get out of "this mess."

Both Ross and 50 have albums coming out this year. 50's 'Before I Self Destruct' is scheduled for a March release while Ross' 'Deeper Than Rap' will arrive in April.