It didn't take long for 50 Cent to offer his rebuttal to the publicized Rick Ross dis track 'Mafia Music.' In 50's offering, 'Officer Ricky,' he takes shots at Ross' past as a correctional officer. He also goes at Ross' former girlfriend Foxy Brown, who he calls a "bimbo," which is mild compared to the rest of the lyrics saturated in expletives. "Must've thought he knocked me out like Kimbo," he says. "Officer Ricky radio for backup/ See your a-- anyway, you know I'm gonna' act up/ You wanna' play with me when I don't wanna' play?/ Have my n---as whip the skin off you're a** in broad day/ Screaming, 'Boss,' n---a , you ain't a boss/ P---- n---a, you're lost/ Listen, Officer Ross."

50 decided to kill two birds with one stone by also taking a verbal hit at rapper Lil Wayne. "This n---a is an appetizer," he says of Ross. "Where you at, Wayne? You're the full course meal, Wayne. You awfully quiet." 50 also informs Wayne that if he's interested in battling with Eminem he'll have to go through him first.

To add more fuel to the fire Ross stated that he's unfazed by 50's response. "I was positive that couldn't be the response. We're all [going to] act like we didn't hear that," said Ross in an interview this morning. "We're [going to] give him 48 hours. Time to come up with another one!" Ross also explained that he had plans of talking to 50 face to face at last year's BET awards but lost interest due to 50's demeanor. "When I finally got the opportunity to bump into him, I planned to have words, but he disappointed me, so I kept it moving,"

We'll just have to wait and see if 50 has a response to the response. Either way this is providing great free publicity for the rappers who not surprisingly have albums dropping this year. 50's 'Before I Self Destruct' is set to hit store in February while Ross' 'Deeper Than Rap' is due in April.