Before you could find 50 Cent 'In Da Club,' hanging with Eminem and Dr. Dre, writing books, starring in movies, hawking Vitaminwater or doing any of the other things the hip-hop superstar does these days, he was a mixtape MC looking to build a name.

Nothing if not sentimental, Fiddy has taken to Twitter to announce the release of the 'Big 10' mixtape, a collection meant to commemorate the 10th anniversary of '50 Cent is the Future,' a 2002 indie release XXL has called the best mixtape of all time. The new batch of songs -- "smoking hot tracks," according to his tweet -- is due out sometime next week, and fans of the Queens-born MC will get more than just music.

"I'm shooting videos for every song on the tape," the ryhmer born Curtis Jackson III tweeted. "The BIG 10 I got something for a haters ass it called hits lol."

No word yet on whether 50's long-awaited fifth album, once titled 'Black Magic,' will materialize before the end of the year, as he's indicated in interviews.

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