50 Cent's feud with former G-Unit rapper The Game has gotten ugly . . . literally. On the cover of his latest mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, titled 'G-Unit Radio Part 21: Hate It or Love It,' 50 pictured his Compton enemy wearing nothing but a thong

As is if that weren't tantalizing enough, the effort -- which features rhymes by the usual suspects Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Mobb Deep and Young Buck -- includes Game's appearance on the dating show 'Change of Heart.'

The Game responded to 50's antics during an L.A. performance at DJ Skee's Envy Expo on Saturday, telling the crowd, "G-Unit got a new mixtape out, got me dressed up like a stripper, it looked kinda cute. But, the motherf***in' Game don't do no stripping."

Sure is hard out there for a G.