50 centQueens rapper 50 Cent recently hinted that he was working on a video for 'So Disrespectful,' a song from his latest album 'Before I Self Destruct,' criticizing former G-Unit members Game and Young Buck.

The track, which was produced by Tha Bizness, stirred up a fair amount of talk, despite the fact that 50's beef with Game and Buck is years old.

"Come on, Game, you'll never be my equal/ Your homies shoot dogs, my homies shoot people/ See, me, I'm what you never gonna be/ I'm in that tax bracket you're never gonna see," 50 rhymes.

"There will be a visual for it," 50 confirmed in a recent interview. "The record is working by itself. It just plays with no assistance from the record company, because people like it and personally enjoy it. I wrote that record about people I had issues with that were pretty cool, but at some point, I felt like they crossed me. So I wrote those different things, and it came out good. People enjoy it."

Though Game extended the olive branch in interviews earlier this year and has rekindled his working relationship with their mutual producer/boss Dr. Dre, 50 doesn't appear to be interested in reconciling with the L.A. rapper.

"You shouldn't really hold your breath," 50 said, regarding a possible collaboration with Game. "If Dre decides to work with him, that's Dre's prerogative -- his album, he can do what he wants. He's Dre."

50's album, 'Before I Self Destruct' is in stores now. Game's 'R.E.D. Album' is scheduled for a February 2010 release.