50 Cent is still making business moves despite his ongoing bankruptcy situation. The rap mogul is opening up a Fiesta Beach hotel and restaurant property in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The two-day opening kicks off on Friday (April 29) and continues through Saturday (April 30). This is the third Fiesta Beach property with locations in Brussels and a restaurant in Marrakesh. The G-Unit leader teamed up with entrepreneur Olivier Da Silva to open up Fiesta Beach, which is being touted as the premiere vacation spot for fun, sun and leisurely activities.

According to reports, the infamous 2015 Instagram photo where Fif said that he was buying a house in Africa was actually the beachfront property of the Fiesta Beach. When asked about the property in bankruptcy court, he denied ownership.

Speaking of bankruptcy, 50 Cent recently submitted a $23 million payment plan that will potentially see him pay off his creditors over the next five years. The money would be spread out among the three plaintiffs: Sunburst Bank (approximately $4.9 million), Sleek Audio ($17.3 million) and Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston ($6 million).

Now that 50 Cent is opening hotel properties can pay off his creditors on time.

Bankruptcy stuff aside, we wish 50 Cent the best on his newest venture. Check out photos of the beautiful hotel property below.

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