Rapper 50 Cent is a busy guy. Not only did he release 'Animal Ambition' earlier this year, he reunited with G-Unit and has kept a steady media presence through all of 2014.

And after dropping his next album 'Street King Immortal,' he's planning to release another project called 'Beautiful Nightmare,' which he says is the perfect title for what he represents to his South Jamaica, Queens neighborhood.

"I'm the guy from the neighborhood who's becoming a symbol of hope," said 50 in an interview with The Guardian. "They look at me and go, 'It is possible to make it.' I took all the dysfunctional behavior, everything damaging or that wasn't good in my life, and I turned it into the most beautiful nightmare you can actually create. That's my life."

The 'Candy Shop' rapper also said he won't use God-like nicknames for himself like Kanye West or Jay Z because he feels that's going a little too far.

"Do you know what's interesting?" he asks. "My album is called 'Street King Immortal' and at one point being King of New York was everything. Hip-hop comes from New York City, so when you say Street King it actually works, it resonates, it's a strong title."

"But they changed it, made it even bigger, about God himself, like when Kanye calls himself Yeezuz, and then Jay Z calls himself Jay Hova," he continues. "A god instead of a king. That's a little further than I would go."

Elsewhere in the interview, Fiddy also spoke about the reaction he would get if he went back to his old Queens neighborhood and whether he can achieve the same cultural impact that he did when he first came out.

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