Rapper 50 Cent and NBA player Steve Nash show off their comedic skills in a new ad for Vitaminwater. 50 is a co-owner in the beverage company and has his own flavor -- 'Formula 50.' In the commercial, which spoofs late-night infomercials, the rapper and Phoenix Suns point guard urge the thirsty and vitamin-hungry people of America to create their own Vitaminwater flavor.

"We all remember the old game: vitamins, water, repeat. Then we gave you Vitaminwater and changed the game!" Nash starts. "Have you ever wanted to make your own flavor of Vitaminwater but you didn't want to deal with the mess, the stress, the legal ramifications? Do you ever feel stuck in the past wishing you had a new futuristic web 2.0 way to get your vitamins? Do you feel like your creativity is being suppressed by the powers that be?"

The video goes on to explain how fans can create their own Vitaminwater flavor and includes a "testimonial" from 50 himself, who says he used to have to "grind" for his vitamins. These days the Queens-bred emcee is sitting pretty on his Vitaminwater fortune, which netted him upwards of $150 million in 2007. Fans can try their hand at concocting their own Vitaminwater flavor by visiting Facebook.com/vitaminwater.

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