50 Cent and Kanye West showed their support for Mike Tyson by attending the premiere of his Broadway debut "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth," Tuesday night (Aug. 1). The show was directed by Spike Lee, and was nothing short of hilarious according to a series of tweets 50 Cent posted to his Twitter account.

This photo captured at the event was just too interesting so we decided to ask friends on The BoomBox Facebook page to help us caption it. The winning description had us cracking up.

"People think I'm crazy for getting a tattoo on my face..... This guy is marrying Kim Kardashian," Aly Moloo wrote. Obviously our Facebook friend is referring to West's romance with the reality TV star. They're not tying the knot just yet, but rumors have been circulating that the rap star was designing a special ring for his lady.

To take a look at the rest of the captions or to add your own, head over to The BoomBox Facebook here, and like us while you're there!

Watch "Kanye West Designing Engagement Ring For Kim Kardashian"

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