Lil Wayne's America's Most Wanted tour had a surprising special guest in Irvine, Ca. on Friday night, when Vitamin Water millionaire and sometime rival of Wayne's, 50 Cent hopped on stage during Soulja Boy's set. The Queens MC came dressed in the killer clown outfit from his 'OK, You're Right' video, which he and Soulja Boy performed together. 50 then went into his 2007 single 'I Get Money,' and closed out the performance by backing up the younger artist on 'Turn My Swag On.'

50 has always been encouraging to Soulja Boy, while other east coast elders were disapproving. "I stopped by to see my man -- you know what I'm saying," 50 said after the show. He also recently bought the Atlanta rapper a tour bus for his 19th birthday.

50's appearance at the show is interesting. 50 and Wayne have a history of sideways talk and pseudo diss records, for 50 to perform with one of the opening acts on the tour is an odd choice, though Soulja Boy has openly admitted to hoping to steal the show on the tour, which also featured Wayne, Young Jeezy and Drake, who had to drop out due to a knee injury.

"I try to strive for my best," Soulja Boy said. "I respect everybody in the tour, likewise, but I'm trying to have the best show in the tour." We're sure the fans don't mind.