50 Cent is busy promoting his Street King initiative -- he aims to feed one billion African children through the sales of an energy shot he helped to create -- but the rapper is still making time to hit the studio. Fif appears on the remix to 'Hot Girl,' the single from his G-Note Records artist Hot Rod.

On the track, produced by All Star, the Queens rhymer serves his verse at the start, spewing out lyrics about a lady who's caught his eye. "She hot, she super hot/ Got style for days, I can count the ways/ I wanna get to know her and teach her thangs/ Take her places and run my game," he raps.

The G-Unit label boss boasts about his way with words and even gives six ways he can serve his woman. "Understand my pimpin' is full blown, we both grown/ There's nothing that can't be done/ When you're f---ing with me girl/ I'm your man, your daddy, your doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, gynecologist/ I'm everything you need," Fif kicks out.

'Hot Girl' is set to appear on Hot Rod's G-Note debut, 'My Life,' to be released in 2012. The Cali native has already shot a video for the track, which features his labelmate, R&B singer Lea.

Listen to Hot Rod's 'Hot Girl' Featuring 50 Cent

Watch Hot Rod's 'Hot Girl'

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