Now that Fat Joe's career is struggling and Ja Rule is M.I.A., 50 Cent is determined to annihilate Diddy.

On DJ Whoo Kid's 'G-Unit Radio, Part 22: Hip-Hop is Dead,' 50 accuses the mogul of being soft and knowing who killed Biggie. Yet his main gripe is the delays in being able to make Mase an official member of the G-Unit family. There's even an alleged response from Diddy floating around the Internet. You be the judge.

50: Now you wanna play games, you don't wanna make the deal n****? Man, I'll f*** your s*** up n****!

Diddy: I'm richer, b****!

Me: Is Mase really worth all this?

Listen to 50 Cent diss Diddy on 'The Bomb.'