50 Cent showed yet another lapse in judgement when he posted a video of himself mocking a disabled airport employee. Fif apparently didn't realize the man was disabled, assuming instead that he was high.

"The walking Dead, SMH LMAO I mean How high are trying to get Damn!!!" the rapper wrote in an Instagram video that has since been deleted.

"Look at him. What type of s--- you think he took before he came to work today?" 50 wonders aloud on the video. The man shakes his head, refusing to make eye contact, and walks away.

Once commenters pointed out that the video was wildly inappropriate, the rapper promptly took it down. Nevertheless, the G-Unit leader has been getting dragged on Twitter for the video.

Several people are demanding that 50 Cent apologize to the airport employee who has been identified as Andrew Farrell. "We are all patiently waiting for @50cent to apologize. Your video was so disrespectful. Your a psycho," wrote one person.

Another commenter suggested that people boycott 50's Effen Vodka brand. "EVERYONE should follow their lead. Boycott @effenvodka. Bleed this clown @50cent dry of every penny!"

So far, 50 Cent has yet to apologize or address the controversial video that he posted.

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