50 CentWhen not rapping, beefing and selling books, fragrances and apparel, 50 Cent has been putting some serious hours into the world of film and television. His next big project, which is part of VH1's 'Rock Doc' series, will be called '50's Roots.' The documentary will find the rap star journeying into the deep south to explore his family history and ancestral slave roots.

Venturing a long way from his headquarters in South Jamaica, Queens, 50 will use the show to highlight the importance of learning one's past by talking to family members and historians that can shed light on his personal history and origins. The program is part of a new onslaught by VH1 that hopes to tell more human stories and get away from the lowest-common-denominator reality fare that has defined the network in recent years.

"They told us that they want to connect even more with our characters, our artists and our celebrities -- but in a more genuine way," Tom Valderone, president of VH1, said in a statement. "They still enjoy VH1's signature sense of fun and irreverence, but they also want more storylines that reflect the issues and challenges they are experience in their own lives."

If this means no more 'A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila,' then you can count us in. As of press time, an air date for '50's Roots' is unavailable.