Back in March, 50 Cent revealed that his travels had inspired him to produce a different kind of sound for his upcoming album 'Black Magic.' The Queens emcee explained that the project would incorporate up-tempo and dance inspired beats, but now it seems that he has had a change of heart.

During a recent trip to Brazil, which also included a performance shout out to rival Diddy, 50 revealed that 'Black Magic' might be put on hold in favor of a more traditional hip-hop album. "I've written an album that's called 'Black Magic,' but I am not sure it will be my next album," 50 told Brazilian Rolling Stone.

"Black Magic' had a different style to it, a different vibe. I was playing with different song structures, music from different genres like rock music," 50 said. "I did some things that were a little dance-inspired, the tempo was higher. Just playing with a lot of things. Since I've made it back to America, I started writing different material that [doesn't] quite fit that concept."

Fif explained that most of 'Black Magic' was recorded during his European tour and that his return to the states has triggered a change of course. "So many producers were accumulating material to send me new ideas, so when I got back I was kind of bombarded with a whole lot of new production," he said. "[Black Magic] may come out shortly after this album that I'm launching. There are some pieces that are really exciting to me, so I want to put them out as soon as possible. But the whole body of work, the whole concept of that actual album, it may not be my next album."

50 Cent's previous release was 2009's 'Before I Self Destruct.'