Whenever 50 Cent does an interview you can always expect him to deliver some slander and criticism. In an interview with DJ Sense’s Streetz IZ Watchin' program on Shade45, the New York rhymer offered his opinion on everything from his hit series Power to his rap foe Meek Mill and newly-signed G.O.O.D. Music artist Desiigner.

During the 40-minute interview the topic of Kanye West came up and Fif offered his thoughts on rap newcomer Desiigner. His song "Panda" has been making serious waves and was amped on The Life of Pablo track, "Father Stretch My Hands Part 2."

The G-Unit leader wasn't so complementary of Desiigner and his rhyme flow. "I'm not sure he's going to be able to make another record because he's only recorded two songs," he says. "But, the one that he did reminded me of Future and now how good is that?"

"If Future told me he was uncomfortable with it maybe I would be like, 'You did kind of bite that style,'" he added. "For me, I've had artists that reminded me of me like Troy Ave and them."

50 later stated that he doesn't mind if artists emulate his style because he wants it to continue long after he's gone. But he does worry about the new generation of rappers who come out and aren't distinctive; he feels everyone is copying each other.

"At the end of the day, you look at it and go: some things you shouldn't address it. You shouldn't even make mention of it," he said.

Later, the veteran rapper delivered some slander to his rap nemesis Meek Mill, who dissed him on the 4/4 track "Gave 'Em Hope."

Fitty questioned the general intelligence of the Philadelphia rapper who is currently on house arrest for violating his probation.

“You know, he’s really not that bright. That kid is not that bright," he said. "The easiest thing you can do, is bring other people into the statements that you saying, right, while you’re writing music. Not for them to be involved, but to mention them.

50 wondered why Meek dragged Future in his beef with Drake. He feels that he needs to get his weight up before attacking another major figure in the rap game.

"It’s a special kind of stupid going on over here, cause now you just took something that was completely non-threatening with Drake and this one, and turned it into something that could potentially turn into you bumping in Philly. Maybe he knew something I don’t know.”

50 Cent also discussed Jimmy Henchman's life sentence, G-Unit, Hollywood, and his bankruptcy case.

Listen to 50 Cent's thoughts below.

Listen to 50 Cent's Interview with Streetz IZ Watchin' on Shade45

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