Hip-hop mogul 50 Cent will reportedly be the subject of a new installment of VH1's 'Rock Docs' series entitled 'The Origin of Me,' which traces his ancestry to South Carolina, where his family resided before migrating to New York City in the 1950s.

The 35-year-old Queens rapper and entrepreneur has detailed his rough-and-tumble childhood often in his music, from his mother's murder when he was just 12, to his criminal past. In 'The Origin of Me,' which premieres on May 23, Fif will be facing a much older kind of personal history.

The doc follows 50, born Curtis Jackson, as he travels to Edgefield County, S.C. to investigate his genealogy, visit relatives and confront the descendants of slave owners.

"The epicenter of 'Confederate Rage', Edgefield was known to be one of the most violent places in the South," states VH1. "['The Origin of Me'] Will show the world a very different side of 50 Cent."

The locals were extremely excited by 50 Cent's visit back in May of last year, when he was spotted checking out the Edgefield County Archives. Though he appeared overwhelmed when a crowd quickly formed around the rap star and camera crew, 50 was said to have been "a real gentleman."

'The Origin of Me' airs May 23 at 9PM on VH1.

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