In a recent interview with Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy, of Power 106, 50 Cent claimed to possess a video tape of Miami rapper Rick Ross in a correctional officer's uniform.

"I have a video tape of the actual graduation," 50 said, casually. "That still photograph [which depicted Ross in the prison guard's uniform], I have a videotape of that. I got like 60 photographs. I got his life story in photos from different time periods. He actually used to deliver medications, before he was a correctional officer."

Though Ross had previously contested the authenticity of the photo, and denied ever having been a correctional officer, he has since admitted to his past vocation, after having entered into a longstanding beef with 50 over something no one can actually remember.

According to 50, his information and photographic evidence come from Ross' former girlfriend Tia Kemp, who is releasing a book about her relationship with Ross (uh...) on April 21, to coincide with Ross' own epic new album 'Deeper Than Rap.'

"How much more of a fool can you make yourself?" 50 continued, in disbelief. "You can't take anything serious from him...this has been the easiest one. I"ve never had anyone that's had so many holes in just themselves and their past, right there. And for them to actually attack first without warning or reason...No plan or nothing."