We've come a long way from the days when rappers used guns to settle their beefs. Now, the weapon of choice is Photoshop -- at least it is for 50 Cent, who took to Twitter on Monday (Jan. 9) to post some joke photos (see below) of rival Jay-Z and Beyonce's newborn baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

"Y'all play too much congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce baby," he tweeted, linking to doctored photos of Hova's head pasted on an infant's body. "Blue Ivy Carter is gorgeous."

In a later post, Fiddy seemed to soften his attack on Jay, who he's clashed with over the years.

"I would never make a picture like that its all over my time line yal play to much I'm sure Jay is the happiest he's ever been in his life," he wrote.


Reflecting on the birth of his own son, he sent another more serious tweet minutes later.

"I remember when MARQUISE was born I was so happy," he tweeted. "I want to have another kid one day."

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