50 Cent sat down with HOT 97 radio hosts on the release day of his new 'The Big Ten' mixtape and fielded a round of rapid-fire "21 Questions" including his height (6'1"), weight (205 pounds) and how often he cries ("Not often, but how much does a regular person cry?")

The Queens native is in promo mode for his highly anticipated release of 'The Big Ten,' which dropped today (Dec. 9). The mixtape features new G-Unit female MC Paris, as well as Kidd Kidd and Tony Yayo, and commemorates the 10th anniversary of 50's first official mixtape, 2002's '50 Cent Is The Future.' Curtis will create a music video for each track on the tape, kicking things off with 'Queens.'

To get more of an intimate look at the man behind the music, the HOT 97 crew drilled 50 with personal questions during their interview, including, "Have you ever been in love?" to which he answered, "I think so ... with my son's mom." "What's your favorite part of a woman?" "Her bottom," he quickly responded with a grin. The hosts even got 50 to confess to his rumored fling with talk show comedienne Chelsea Handler.

If it came down to listening to either Jay-Z or Nas while stranded on a desert island, 50 would pick Jay. Get all this and the rest of the 21 questions and answers in the video below.

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