50 Cent has yet another special announcement regarding the release of 'Before I Self Destruct' this summer. Since word broke last year of 50's impending fourth album release, the record has seen more push backs and less buzz than his previous efforts. Now the Queen's born rapper is stating that he and his mentor Eminem will both be releasing two albums this year.

"The new announcement is that I'm dropping two albums," he said in a recent interview. "I've had an opportunity to record since I thought I was releasing an album in December. But the portion of my record that I recorded with Dr. Dre was incomplete, because there was no opportunity to mix it. The only song that was mixed that I worked on with Dr. Dre is 'I Get It In'. I need the rest of them to be mixed before I can present my project to the public."

The long awaited album 'Before I Self Destruct' is slated for a June release one month after Eminem's 'Relapse' hits stores on May 19. After 50, Em will release his second album, then 50 will release his second album. Sound confusing? Well if they stick to the plan fans won't have to wait much longer to get their 50 fix.

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In the meantime the rapper has kept himself busy by way of an ongoing "beef" with Miami rapper Rick Ross. The two have been going back and fourth for months trading insults via blogs and radio airwaves. However 50, who proclaimed an early victory in the battle of the two emcees, announced last week that he would narrate and release a sex tape featuring Ross and an ex-girlfriend. Ross seems to have given their public feud less energy as he gears up for his own album release 'Deeper Than Rap' on April 20. In a recent interview, the rapper did confirm reports of his past a corrections officer, a topic 50 did not let go unnoticed nicknaming Ross "Officer Ricky."

Aside from his squabbles within the music industry 50 is currently shooting the video for the single 'Crack A Bottle', which will appear on both his and Em's album. The single was officially released in early February and broke first week digital sales records shifting 418,000 downloads.

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