When 50 Cent gives an interview expect the unexpected. During his conversation with Hot 97 this morning (April 16), the New York rapper dropped some interesting quotables about hip-hop, his past beefs and unintentionally (*wink*) threw a couple of G-Unit members under the bus.

When discussing New York hip-hop and rapper Troy Ave, Fiddy seemed unimpressed with the rising rap star. "I like the idea of a Troy Ave," he said. "In reality, I hear a lot of me in Troy Ave."

50 also touched on his falling out with former G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. He even snarked about them rapping on Troy Ave's songs by calling them his "hype men." Although the rapper said that he wasn’t throwing shade at them, it was definitely a low-key zinger at them.

For the record, Tony Yayo did respond to 50 Cent’s comment with this tweet:

As for how 50 feels about his former G-Unit comrades he simply sees them as his little brothers.

Elsewhere, the Queens rhymer talked about his pasts beefs with Game, Ja Rule and Rick Ross.

50 also discussed his upcoming eight-episode drama series 'Power,' his performance at Summer Jam 2014 and his goals for his new LP, 'Animal Ambition,' which hits stores June 3.

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