'Gun,' the first in a series of upcoming movies starring Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, has just received its first official trailer. The film, which was also written and co-produced by 50, looks firmly entrenched in the action/crime genre with more guns (of all shapes and sizes) than you can shake a gun at. Jackson plays a criminal that seems relatively deep in the weapons game and Val Kilmer plays a prisoner released on the condition that he will set 50 up for a gun-related charge.

"It's about how a weapon goes from manufacturing to its distribution point, to being in a citizen's custody -- and how it ends up in the wrong hands," 50 said in an interview last year before filming. "We watch the actual gun travel through a few different people's hands."

50 and Kilmer have already collaborated on a 2009 movie called, 'Streets of Blood,' that went straight-to-DVD and received rather poor reviews from both fans and critics. Shot in Grand Rapids, MI, 'Gun' is also an independent project and features directing from Jessy Terrero ('Soul Plane') and a turn by Charles Malik Whitfield. 50, under his Cheetah Vision Films business, is collaborating on the production with Emmett/Furla Films and Action Jackson Films. There is no release date for the movie as of yet.