50 Cent and Beenie Sigel

After a quiet couple of years that included a stint in prison, Philly rapper Beanie Sigel has come back swinging. The former Roc-a-Fella MC recently dissed his former label boss, Jay-Z, in the song 'Average Cat,' where he accused Jay of abandoning his artists and friends for money. 50 Cent, a friendly rival of Jay's, supported Beanie's diss, inspiring rumors that Sigel would be signing to G-Unit. Last week, Sigel and 50 sat down with Philly's Power 99 radio station, and Sigel confirmed that he had signed with 50's crew, promising to send more diss records Jay's way.

"He's a crumb. I'm putting my foot on his neck 'til he responds. Please make a record, 'cause a week been out dog," Sigel exclaimed. "Not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. All I'm saying is I ain't gotta jog to keep up with him."

Though there has been no official confirmation from 50 regarding Beans' signing since the radio interview, the two have just collaborated on a song called 'I Go Off,' which will be released on 50's site, Thisis50.com on Friday (Nov. 13.) No word as to whether the track will be a Jay-Z diss, as many suspect, or whether it will address Beanie's relationship with G-Unit, but we're interested to check it out.