The millions continue to pour in for 50 Cent. The G-Unit leader reveals that he recently secured a deal with RevolutionWear's Frigo Underwear for a whopping $78 million.

"I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear," he wrote in an Instagram post. "What did you muthaf---as do today?"

It's safe to assume that few people even came close to making that kind of dough in a day. A big congrats goes to 50 since this is his second multi-million dollar deal after making a ridiculous $500 million with vitamin water.

RevolutionWear announced that Timbaland, Derek Jeter and Carmelo Anthony are also representing the brand, which was shown in a photo on the brand's Facebook page.

Last night (Dec. 15), on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers,' the 'Animal Ambition' creator jokingly explained why the $100 price tag for Frigo underwear is worth the purchase.

"This $100 underwear were actually hand-created and actually hand-stitched," he said. "They have a technology in 'em where you can put your man apples... For you to place your sack in another sack that has been ergonomically-designed for comfort. But you know, women spend so much money on lingerie, it's the right project for men."

Watch 50 Cent discuss his "man apples" in the video above.


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