50 Cent's solo music output may be middling, but he still seems as infallible as ever. A pending $11 million defamation suit against him has been dropped.

According to the NY Daily News, video model Sally Ferreira sued 50 Cent for posting harsh comments about her on Instagram after she posted multiple photos of them together from a video set, which suggested they were a couple.

The comment in question reads: “WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty Video bitch. She sent photos of the video shoot to Mediatakeout saying I’m in a relationship with her Cananyone say RESHOOT.”

Ferreira claimed that the comment cost her three jobs. Her case unraveled when a lawyer working with a Hip Hop Weekly reporter revealed that she sent photos from the 'Big Rich Town' video shoot to mediatakeout.com. That lawyer is also Ferreira's former manager.

Lawyer Ravi Batra obtained screen grabs of Ferreira's text message, which give the impression that she leaked the photos purposely. “I need to market myself in the urban,” she says.

As a result of the text messages as evidence, the two sides filed a motion, known as a “stipulation of dismissal with prejudice,” in Manhattan Federal Court on Friday (Sept. 26). This means the case is dropped and can’t be refiled.

So again, 50 Cent remains unscathed in the social media game.

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