California rapper 40 Glocc is no stranger to controversy and his gun-referencing moniker probably wasn't helping too much. Now, we get word that Glocc has changed his name to Big Bad 40 (pronounced 4-0). As he explains it, the change is a way to avoid being a target of law enforcement in the future.

"In a country where freedom of speech is number one on our list of Constitutional rights, I recognize yet another clause in the system and I will not give them another opportunity to use their own laws against me," said 40 in a press statement. "My former name was always an acronym. 40 represented the 40 acres and a mule they never gave us. Glocc represented Ghettos Legally Oppressed with Crooked Cops. A change has come so this change must be recognized."

The newly-minted Big Bad 40 went on trial on May 17 in San Bernardino, Calif. for promoting a gang lifestyle through his music and videos. The rapper, real name Lawrence White, was at the center of a civil injunction against a gang referred to as "The Colton City Crips." He will take his new name on tour with 50 Cent throughout the month of June. Check out the full dates here.