Rapper 360 was fortunate enough to score a spot on Nipsey Hussle's recent Crenshaw Tour and the Queens, N.Y., rapper documents the experience in 'Foot 2 Neck Season.'

In the footage, 360, who served as the opening act, says seeing Nipsey put together an entire tour was inspiring, especially since he did it without the help of a record company.

"That whole thing just showed me that you can really just have you and all your n----s and really make this shit pop off," 360 says. "I was over there looking, while Nipsey was out there with his peoples, and I'm looking like 'Damn, I don't see no industry dude, or no record exec or nothing.' I just seen him and all his people. It looked like his brother, his cousin. I don't know who they was, but that pumped me up even more."

The visuals show 360 going from town to town, visiting places like Atlanta and Washington D.C. There's even footage of a little skirmish between him and a concertgoer in the nation's capital.

"We was in tour in D.C.," he explains. "Some disrespectful dude try to get out of hand,  and had to put him back in pocket. I don't care where I'm at. I don't care if I'm here, I'm f---in' D.C., Africa, disrespect don't fly in nowhere."

From there, you'll see the 'Own Thing' lyricist kick a smartphone from the heckler's hands. He also shares how he was able to work with such big-name artists like Wyclef, Jadakiss and Waka Flocka, despite not being signed or paying for features.

Watch him open up about life on the road above.