Homophobia is alive and well, especially in the hip hop community. With a slew of embattled rappers having to constantly prove their masculinity, they oftentimes find themselves embroiled in some beef with the public. Today's latest example is XXL Freshman, 21 Savage.

After video surfaced of him riding behind Meek Mill on a four-wheeler, fans obliterated the "No Heart" rapper. Of course, this didn't sit to well with 21, and he elected to blast all of his haters for trying to paint him in such a negative light.

“B--- ass motherf---ers always gotta comment and throw they two cents in on some sh--. I’ll slap the f--- out of one of y’all in real life,” said 21 Savage. “Everything a n---- do or motherf---ing say, [people say,] ‘He ain’t no savage. He ain’t no street n----. He on the four wheeler. He gay.'”

Savage's minute plus rampage was tucked with curses and expletives that we pray our grandmas will never get to hear in their lifetime.

“I triple, double, quadruple dare a n---- to try me, play with me,” said Savage. “N----s know how my game rocks. You wack ass sh-- for real.”

Take a look at 21's attempt to rip down his detractors in the clip above and see if he's justified in his anger.

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