Rapper 21 Savage lives up to his name in his gritty video for “No Heart,” which co-stars in-demand producer Metro Boomin. The song itself is from the duo’s mixtape, Savage Mode.

In the gritty visual, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin recreate the infamous convenience store scene in Menace II Society. Later, things get even more grisly as an unsuspecting hanger-on gets riddled with bullets during a card game.

So what does all of this mean? Well, just like 21 Savage raps on the song, “I grew up in the streets without no heart / I'm praying to my Glock and my card.”

Outside of the video, Metro Boomin has a big concert that he's hosting next month. Since the producer doesn't trust Donald Trump, he's planning a one-night show in New York called "Young Metro Don't Trust Trump." The event is set to place at the Playstation Theater in New York on Nov. 4, which is four days before the national election (Nov. 8).

Metro Boomin will donate the show’s proceeds to a yearly scholarship fund which sends a student from the St. Louis area to Morehouse College.

Watch 21 Savage's latest video above.