2 Chainz is having a good day. The "I'm Different" rapper won a legal case against Christine Chisholm, aka the infamous woman who appeared in the "Is This Yo Thot" clip, who filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit against him.

Chisholm sued 2 Chainz after an embarrassing video went viral of the Atlanta rhymer berating her. But according to TMZ, the judge threw out the case since calling someone a "thot" isn't considered "extreme or outrageous conduct."

The popular video, which surfaced in March 2014, shows Chisholm backstage after a concert by the "We Own It" rapper. 2 Chainz was unclear on who invited her backstage and proceeded to ask various men in his entourage whether or not she was their "thot."

When it became clear that it was a misunderstanding and that they mistook her for another woman with a similar name -- they also checked her backside for comparison to ensure she wasn't the same girl. Afterwards, she was asked to leave three times before she eventually did.

Chisholm also accused the rhymer of attempted murder after she said a black Mercedes followed her and drove into her, injuring her arm. She also said 2 Chainz' song "Watch Out" is about her -- and she might have a point.

"Shawty said she want 5 million / Cause I told her to leave and call her a thot," he rhymes in the song. "You waving that thing in the sky / We waving that thing at your body / We waving that thing in your eye."

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