2 Chainz returns for the third season of GQ’s popular digital video series, Most Expensivest S---. The Atlanta rhymer starts the season off with his favorite pastime -- smoking weed.

If you remember last season, Deuces went to a weed store in Los Angeles and took a hit from a $10,000 bong and puffed on the world’s most expensive joint, which was rolled in 24-karat gold edible rolling paper.

This time around, 2 Chainz teams up with Dr. Dina (who inspired Weeds’ Nancy Botwin TV character) and partake in smoking and using $500,000 worth of glass bongs, weed and dabs (hash oils), including a bong that’s shaped like a scorpion.

“That’s some evil get high type s---,” says 2 Chainz about the insect-inspired smoking apparatus.

Weed smoker Adam Ill also stopped by and presented the “I’m Different” rhymer with an all-gold microphone blunt. Adam Ill also showed Chainz a $3,000 joint.

The trio also smoked $30,000 worth of dab. The weed was so loud (i.e., potent) that it had 2 Chainz weezing and tear-eyed.

Overall, 2 Chainz experienced the most expensive weed session in his life. The Atlanta rapper should have invited Snoop Dogg and then the party would have been really cracking.

Watch 2 Chainz get expensively high in the video above.

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