2 Chainz had a very profitable Christmas and it was for a good cause as well. The Atlanta rhymer made a killing selling his Dabbin Santa Christmas Sweaters that had regular folks and celebrities wearing them during the holiday season.

2 Chainz hopped onto the popularity of the ugly Christmas sweaters theme, mixed it with the current ATL dance craze and brought "dabbin' Santa" sweaters to the masses. Bringing together a 70-member team, the project raked in $2 million for the "I'm Different" rapper.

While it's safe to say that 2 Chainz has a cash cow on his hands, a good amount of the profits went to his non-profit, The T.R.U. Foundation, which helps families in need.

"For us, it’s about putting it together independently, with nobody really being the boss," the rapper told Forbes. "We’re creating our own way to give back, to do something for people. We’ll trickle down to the kids and lead by example. Like I say, actions speak louder than words. We could have spent this money on possessions, but giving a family that needs it will actually go further for them and for me."

While it doesn't seem to hard to push anything with Chainz's name attached to it, he also told Forbes that the project was definitely not "an overnight success."

"I don’t want people to think this was an overnight success," he said. "We’ve been trying with a bunch of designs for a couple years now. This is just timing meets opportunity. There’s the whole dab thing, and Atlanta's always been somewhere that actually moves the culture a little bit. We have been the backbone of hip-hop for the past couple years. So with dabbing coming out of Atlanta, it just began to grow legs and start moving on its own."

With the success of the "dabbin' Santa" line and the money he raised for charity, 2 Chainz is nothing but grateful.

"I want to thank everybody that’s supported this," he said. "All the celebrities, all the regular folks. I want to thank the people that came on board to help this operation."

"I want to thank the guys that actually opened up my pop-up shop here in downtown Atlanta," he continued. "I want to thank my team, period. This was a bunch of minds that came together. We’re looking forward to capturing the hearts of men and women real soon."

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