It pays to be honest. Just ask one fan who was kind enough to return 2 Chainz’s expensive ring that he lost during his concert gig.

In the video above (courtesy of TMZ), the Atlanta rhymer was performing a show in Panama City Beach, Fla., when he decided to cool the audience down with some water. As 2 Chainz sprays the fan with H2O, his ring flies off his finger into the crowd. When he realizes that his precious bling is no longer on his finger, he asked for it to be return.

Luckily, a good samaritan was kind enough to return 2 Chainz’s expensive ring. Grateful of the gesture, Dueces showed his appreciation by giving the fan $200 in cash.

Can you imagine that? You go to a 2 Chainz concert and you get blessed with $200 from the "I'm Different" rapper. Not a bad payday.

2 Chainz later went on his Instagram page to thank the concertgoer for being honest and returning his ring. "Somobody tell her I appreciate it," he wrote.

Let this be reminder for everyone to do an act of kindness for someone. It certainly pays.