Lions and tigers and bears, oh... and giraffes? In the latest installment of his "Most Expensive S---" series, 2 Chainz takes his luxury addiction to new heights -- literally -- by feeding a $40,000 giraffe with buddy French Montana.

In the excursion, the two feed the giraffe from a huge baby bottle. 2 Chainz seems to have it down but French, in particular, has some trouble with the bottle. "Turn it over, baby," he instructs the giraffe.

French has become known for his love of animals over the years. Last year, the "Pop That" rapper famously domesticated a pet monkey named Julius Ceasor. "Sometimes I change his diaper. He’s like my son. He sleeps in the bed but he a little bad sometimes. You gotta teach him some manners," he explained.

For the animal lovers, the zookeeper tells Chainz that the giraffe can be his for a cool $40,000 (that is, if he has his own private zoo). If that's too pricey for your tastes, a zebra is a mere $6,000. Sounds like a deal.

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