2 Chainz might not have won anything at the 2013 BET Awards, but all eyes were on him at the end of the night with the release of his video for 'Feds Watching.' The video was as extravagant as one would expect, with 2 Chainz lounging in a massive mansion and enjoying the fruits of his labor.Pharrell, the song's producer makes an appearance in the video, showing up on the rooftop alongside 2 Chainz. And of course, the video would not be complete without a throng of women in designer swimsuits, who swarm the entire mansion. One of these women might even be a fed in disguise herself, surveying the scene.

'Feds Watching' is the lead single off 2 Chainz's upcoming sophomore release, 'B.O.A.T.S. II: ME Time.' The album is scheduled to come out September 10, and considering the amount of buzz the Atlanta native has generated thus far off his first leak, it should be coming out on schedule. Check out the glorious visual for 'Feds Watching' below.