With the weather now becoming much cooler in most parts of the U.S., it's the perfect time to spruce up your hoodie collection, and why not check some out that were just released by 2 Chainz and his company CEO Millionaires.

On Wednesday (October 12), the clothing line released a variety of nice looking sweatshirts, which come in colors like charcoal gray, sky blue and green. Plus, there's one particular hoodie that supports October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it comes in black with pink lettering and tiny pink ribbons on it. Each design also has the word "CEO,OOO,OOO" written on it, and they all go for $49.99.

If you recall, 2 Chainz made a killing when he released those seemingly ubiquitous Christmas sweaters last year, and there's no doubt he's trying to grown his company as fast as he can. That certainly doesn't mean, however, that the Atlanta rhymer is interested in following the styles of other rappers with clothing lines, which he talked about in an interview with Vibe.

"[I] try to stay doing me," said the former Playaz Circle member. "Stay in my own box. That's important for me to keep me involved. I love what Kanye is doing. I have all of his shoes and a few other pieces I'm missing but I've got some Pablo stuff.

"But to me, it's important for me not to be like a cliché rapper would normally be, you know, just put out something that'll spark some conversation and ideas," added Chainz.

You can check out some of his new hoodies below.

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