Some people wait for hours after the show to see their favorite artist leave the venue. Meanwhile, others will throw down ridiculous amounts of green to get seats close enough for them to take a selfie with the singer in the background. However, some fans tend to take things one step further and show their devotion in a more permanent fashion.

As with rap fans and their inked dedications, it's not too surprising to see that R&B fans would follow suit and run to show their love for singers like Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey in the most long-lasting piece of art that one can get to honor their R&B idol: a tattoo. Yes, while there are tasteful tattoos that show a great resemblance to the artist being portrayed, there are others that are huge mistakes that never should've seen the light of day. Here are 10 Worst R&B Fan Tattoos.

  • 1

    Chris Brown

    Sure, this piece is clearly done in Chris Brown's likeness. However, that smirk is just so maniacal and just plain creepy that it would make you want to walk a few extra feet in the other direction if you saw this person walking down the street showing off this ink on their leg.

  • 2

    Mariah Carey

    While one can appreciate the attention the tattoo artist paid to Mariah Carey's curves and the side-swept bangs that have long-been a part of her signature look, you can't help but stare at her ridiculous eyes and cartoon-like face. Even though it's nice to see an interpretation of the 'Beautiful' singer, she's looking more like a Monster High doll than the iconic songstress we know her to be.

  • 3

    Michael Jackson

    We're not too sure what this person was thinking when he went to a tattoo artist to get this portrait of Michael Jackson. The butt chin and nose look completely wrong (MJ obviously got those fixed to be just right), plus this ink job looks like it was done using a caricature of Jackson rather than an actual photo of him. On a positive note, the artist did capture the singer's '90s hair perfectly.

  • 4


    The debut of Rihanna's chest tat of the goddess Isis quickly grabbed our attention and made us wonder how this "good girl gone bad" was able to handle the tattoo session for this piece. However, some were so in awe of the ink that they decided to get a replica done underneath their breasts as well. While the work on this fan isn't too bad, it's just one of those ink jobs that begs the question: "Why would you do this to yourself?" There's no free Rihanna friendship that comes with this purchase.

  • 5


    Remember when Aaliyah played Queen Akasha in 2002's 'Queen of the Damned'? While she was smoldering in playing her barely-clothed character, the singer was also pretty terrifying. And nothing depicts this more than the tat that this fan received. Not only are the eyes not the same size and shape, the teeth and shadowing make her look even more demented than in the film.

  • 6


    At first glance, this could be anyone. However, the person with this tattoo says it's supposed to be drawn in the likeness of Beyonce herself. But after seeing the vampire look of the previous ink job, that theme seems to run through this tattoo as well. The reddish-brown eyes and those blood red lips make it look like this Beyonce is about to take a bite out of you.

  • 7

    Justin Timberlake

    Apparently this fan didn't have a piece of paper or a copy of Justin Timberlake's album when he initially met the singer. So instead, he let JT autograph his shoulder. And of course, in great fanatic fashion, the fan gets the autograph permanently inked onto that shoulder -- right beside an image of Justin's face. In case you didn't know already, JT left a message that explains what's going on.

  • 8

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson's 1993 LP, 'Janet,' stirred up a bit of controversy due to the provocative image of herself topless with her then-husband, René Elizondo, Jr., covering her breasts. The image below gives you an idea of what it's supposed to look like. The issue with this isn't the image that the fan chose to homage Ms. Jackson, but instead, it's the fact that it looks like someone took a magic marker and doodled on his arm.

  • 9

    Trey Songz

    Not too much to really explain why this was a bad idea. First of all, it's supposed to look like a backstage pass for a Trey Songz concert but rather looks like a bootleg employee ID instead. And secondly, why would you want to someone's ID badge on your forearm?

  • 10

    R. Kelly

    We have to hand it to this guy for deciding to go with a throwback on his R. Kelly song dedication of choice. The singer's hit, 'Bump n' Grind,' is something that will bring '90s teens back to their high school dance days when they were able to get close enough to their sweethearts without (necessarily) breaking the rules. However, it's 2014. While that song was a big track for R. Kelly then, we'd like for that to stay in the '90s.