When an artist hits the big time, you really do start seeing them everywhere. And we're not just talking about doing those early morning performances on news programs or the late-night TV circuit. They start popping up in your favorite shows, movies and even commercials.

Beyonce has done a big campaign for Pepsi, Jay Z promoted his most recent album with Samsung and Justin Timberlake sang the McDonald's jingle, 'I'm Lovin' It.' And the list can go on. These mega brands chose to cash in on the popularity of superstars to endorse their products, but sometimes there are partnerships that just seem odd. However, when it comes to a big payout, perhaps nothing is really that strange.

We're sure there's been a few artists that left you confused when you've seen them appear in a random commercial. The Boombox came across some hip-hop and R&B stars endorsing brands that left us scratching our heads. Check out 10 Rappers & Singers Promoting Unexpected Products above.