Trey Songz has built quite the reputation for himself since bursting on the R&B scene as a fresh-faced singer in 2005. Releasing his debut album, I Gotta Make It, that same year, the Virginia native quickly established himself as one of the more promising new R&B artists in the game. Ten years later, the man born Tremaine Neverson is a full-fledged star with more hit songs than people have fingers. While he is musically one of the most acclaimed artists of today, he's also very popular with the ladies, hence his moniker "Mr. Steal Your Girl," which has proven to break up more than a few happy homes.

Despite those unfortunate instances, Trey is continuing to gift us with quality tales of love and lust with his latest album, Trigga Reloaded. A revamped version of his 2014 release, the Reloaded version features four newly-recorded songs, all of which only enhance the listening experience of the original. Listening to the album, aside from the songs being superb, we noticed a lot of game being spat in between the lines. And not just your average at-the-bar-tryna-pick-up-a-chick game, but premium spittage.

Taking note of that, we decided to try to lend a helping hand to the fellas by giving them a cheat sheet full of choice lyrics from Trigga Reloaded. These lines are sure to get anyone in good with that girl next door, the man-eater at the club or any other kind of woman you desire.

  • 1

    "I got 525,600 women / They come around and we take 'em all down, kick 'em out when we finished / They cool, but they not like you, baby girl, it's just different / Girl, you got me on one and I don't know what I'm gon' do / 'Cause now you got me loving you"

    "Loving You" Featuring Ty Dolla $ign

    Men may catch flack from the prudes from keeping a stable of prospective cuties for the random late-night booty call, but this line is sure to get you around that roadblock. Instead of running away from your philandering ways, sweetly explain that despite your checkered past, you're solely interested in earning her love and affection. Honesty is always the key to fruitful relationships.

  • 2

    "I'd like to have dessert for starters / Tell me, baby, can you take my order? / Hey, pretty lady, give me some of that cake / I'd like to place an order, ooh, I just want a taste"


    A popular setting for a first date is somewhere you can eat and get to know each other. After easing her in for small talk, go in for the kill and toss these random lines. If she gives you that sexy smirk, you're in there. And if not, you can always chalk it up as a corny joke and take the L, but this one should work effectively with the right delivery.

  • 3

    "Serve it up, serve it up, girl your loving is the bestest / Working up an appetite and baby, you're my breakfast / Oh, you're so delicious / I'll do your dirty dishes"

    "Serve It Up"

    These lines are for the fellas that are fond of a little breakfast in bed with their significant other. After the meal is finished, whisper this in her ear and sparks are sure to fly. Just be ready to break out the Palmolive after the climax though.

  • 4

    "Bring your body here right now, I'ma knock it right down / Say you got a n----, go figure, take another sip of this liquor / Talk a little s--- 'cause my d--- much bigger / Baby, let me tell you a lil something bout Trigga"

    "Dead Wrong"

    Regardless of how you feel about the matter, the fact is that some women will commit adultery and even seek satisfaction outside of their relationship. Well, if you're game and confident enough, talking down her man and bragging about your prowess in the sheets may be enough to convince that already taken women to go home with you. Just be sure to tread lightly because if her man finds out, it could be a recipe for disaster, which is never a good thing.

  • 5

    "Shorty let your hair down and take a sip / Go and put this joint between your lips / Baby, (ooooh), why don't you make yourself comfortable / Why don't I go and put this tongue on you"

    "Slow Motion"

    When you finally get the girl of your dreams in your home, the one thing you want her to be is comfortable above anything else. If she takes part in libations, offer her a drink and a little bit of greenery, to set the mood. Gaining a woman's trust and getting her to let her guard down is mission impossible for some men, but if her inhibitions are released for the night, she may be more open to your sweet nothings and banter.

  • 6

    "One o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 4 / 5' o'clock, 6 o'clock, you can hit cha boy / If you ain't the type of bitch talking 'bout relationships / Hit me up on that late-night s---"

    "Late Night"

    If you're only interested in a late-night creep, just keep it real and tell her upfront. Women are nearly as sexually whimsical as men these days, so there's a chance that after telling a hottie this, she might just oblige. Sometimes being shameless can work in your favor and lead you to receiving the goods without the hassle.

  • 7

    "Hit it seven days 'cause ya know ya man's weak / Make ya body talk, don't I make that thang speak / Such a freak, I only been here for two weeks / Came wit' her girls and they tryna leave wit me"

    "Foreign" Remix Featuring Justin Bieber

    There's no sex like vacation sex. Especially if it's with an extremely attractive chick you'll most likely never see again. You may only have a few days to come up on a rendezvous, but if you take the approach Trigga delivers here and spit this brand of pimpage, you may get extra lucky and end up with a menage for your troubles.

  • 8

    "I only want what's best for you / It's not what's good for me / It's not about what I want / But it's all about what you need"

    "What's Best for You"

    The customer is always right, especially if that buyer happens to be the woman you're attempting to sell your worth to. Make sure she feels that everything is about her and that your sole purpose on this earth is to please her. That's a good start to breaking down her rough exterior on the way to melting her heart.

  • 9

    "I feel you / But it won't kill you to let me get near you / Your lipsticks meet my kisses / So baby, stop tripping"

    "Change Your Mind"

    Women can play hard to get at time and when all is fails, sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and tell her to stop playing games and let you love her. She may curve, but she may also agree and finally give in to your advances. This is similar to the last second jumper and all but a shot in the dark, but a bad shot is better than letting the clock expire without shooting any day.

  • 10

    "Ain't by chance that we're here / Only got one life to live so let me change your mind / You say that I'm bad for ya, that's fine / Sometimes bad is a good time / Don't you be shy, let me change your mind / You never had a night only / Well, you don't need to be lonely / Come get to know me"

    "Change Your Mind"

    After a life-long journey of multiple lovers, there comes a time when a man is ready to settle down. For one night, that is. And while the good girls may be leery of your advances, persistence and dedication will get you further than any cheap catcall. And who knows, you may go in looking for a quick thrill, but end up with something much more and actually find love.

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