Kehlani is not your average teenager. Bred in Oakland, Calif., the 19-year-old singer is no newbie to the music game, cultivating her craft going as far back as middle school.

A member of the hip-hop collective, HBK Gang, Kehlani was originally a dancer with dreams of going the Julliard route, but after suffering an injury, she transitioned into music, joining her school's vocal department, which led to an audition with D'Wayne Wiggins, a founder of legendary R&B trio, Tony! Toni! Tone! and brother to Raphael Saddiq.

The audition proved to be successful and Kehlani joined a group with Wiggins' sons, covering classic R&B and soul cuts and making it all the way to the final round of America's Got Talent, but ultimately returned to Oakland and decided to pursue a solo career after the group called it quits.

The setback was a discouragement that turned into a blessing, as Nick Cannon, who had remembered her from her time on America's Got Talent, contacted her for a project he was working on in Los Angeles. The project proved to be a bad fit for the stunning songstress and ultimately ended with her back in Oakland with no prospects, until Cannon reached out again and offered to take Kehlani under his wing and help jumpstart her career, resulting in her 2014 debut mixtape, Cloud 19, which has made her one to watch.

But in addition to all of her musical talent, she also happens to be a drop-dead gorgeous woman and could give your favorite star a run for their money in the eye candy department. In acknowledgement of this, we've compiled 10 Hottest Instagram Photos of Kehlani to help quench the thirst.

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