Whether they like it or not, artists are always in the spotlight -- even on their bad days. With paparazzi photographing their every move and the rise of social media, fans can see what their favorite rapper or singer looks like day-to-day faster than ever.

Since a camera is usually pushed in their face coming in and out of a studio or nightclub, artists like Jennifer Hudson are working hard to make sure they look great. But she's not doing it for the camera; health is wealth. From strict workout routines to shedding the pounds (we see you eating those pears Rick Ross) or going under the knife, there are some artists who have done so much -- naturally or not -- that they look like a completely different person. Of course, change isn't always a good thing when the muscled-up crooner you loved in the '90s has let themselves go.

In either case, we've gathered 10 of the more extreme body changes that range from rappers losing weight to a particular red carpet regular who's turned her brown eyes into a piercing ice cold color. Find out who makes the list in 10 Extreme Body Transformations.